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FCBCURE is a full-service agency dedicated to health and wellness. We relentlessly challenge “truths” to push the boundaries of possibility to create unexpected solutions that solve real problems.


We’re a spirited band of alchemists, risk-takers, strategists, poets, producers, dreamers, artists, and disrupters who believe healthcare marketing needs a shot of adrenaline.

October 21

Feeling like kids in a candy store. Monday can't come soon enough!

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October 19

We couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek! What do you think?

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October 17

Excited to welcome future ad talent to our FCBCURE family. 1 IP, 2 Creatives and 1 UX Strategist to be exact!

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Christine isn’t your typical managing director. She believes in doing things a little differently: work hard, work smart, have fun. All you have to do is look at the work she’s produced or talk to the people she’s worked with to prove it.

Prior to joining FCBCURE, Christine spent the last 20+ years entrenched in healthcare marketing leading integrated teams for many biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients. Her category experience includes everything from addiction and ophthalmology to dermatology, rheumatology and urology.

But what excites Christine most about her new role is the opportunity to use all of the agency’s resources to truly make a difference for our clients and the lives of their customers.

When Christine isn’t busy leading the agency, she’s busy making spaghetti sauce by the gallon for her son, Jake, or just hanging out with family and friends. She lives in Locust Valley, NY, with her husband, two children, and 19-year-old cat named Cuddy.

One of the first things you notice about Tom is his penchant for wearing black shirts. Every day. He says it’s because they’re simple, elegant, and uncomplicated. Which is also what Tom believes good creative should be.

And Tom knows good creative. He’s spent the last 20+ years building such iconic brands as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Automobile Magazine, Excedrin and Got Milk?—and the last 10 of those years on drugs and devices that help save lives.

Tom oversaw the creative crop of work on Symbicort, Incivek and Bravecto, and he was instrumental in helping launch Tygacil, Egrifta and Sanctura XR. But Tom is most proud of the award-winning solutions he draws out of the creative teams on a regular basis. Well, that and the fact he can correctly pronounce Cannes.

Tom lives in Westchester, NY with his wife, two sons, two extremely obedient dogs, and one unruly tortoise.


Ideas mean everything. Properly executed, a big idea can change the world. And we want to partner with the kind of people who are looking for a change.